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P. O. BOX 82776, SAN DIEGO, CA 92138-2776
619.400.2660 I 619.400.2787 FAX


NOTICE TO: All aircraft pilots, owners, operators and lessees of aircraft planning to depart as a medical emergency or mercy flight from San Diego International Airport (“Airport”) during the daily noise curfew hours.1

REQUIREMENT: To qualify for an exemption from the curfew as a medical emergency or mercy flight, this Form must be fully completed and submitted to the Authority within seventy-two (72) hours prior or subsequent to the departure of the aircraft.2 Failure to comply with this requirement could result in the aircraft pilot, owner, operator and/or lessee incurring a civil penalty of $2,000 or more.3

1SDCRAA Code §9.40(f)(1) and (4). You may read the regulation at or find the time-of -day restrictions in your pilot reference publications under San Diego International Airport.
2Cal. Pub. Util. Code §21662.4(c).
3Airport Use Regulation at San Diego International Airport §9.40(h).
4Airport shall hold in confidence the patient information and personal medical information in accordance with applicable California and federal laws.