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Simple Advice: You will want to make a good impression during your internship. These ideas may seem simple, but your colleagues will notice if you neglect them.

The Dos

  • Pay attention to detail and ask thoughtful questions
  • Treat everyone you meet with respect and professionalism
  • Carry a notebook with you
  • Be punctual
  • Know and adhere to the dress code
  • Have an open mind towards your work and your coworkers
  • Remember that everyone makes mistakes
  • Show energy and interest
  • Set goals for yourself and share them with your supervisor
  • Take a proactive approach to your work
  • Be ready to make a good first impression every day
  • Find projects that will add value to the organization and to your resume
  • Seek to make new friends and build your network

The Don'ts

  • Take on more than you can handle
  • Take yourself too seriously
  • Let a bad day get you down
  • Surf the web all day
  • Spend working hours on social networking sites or texting friends
  • Talk negatively about co-workers
  • Focus all of your attention on senior management
  • Have nothing to do
  • Bring your personal problems into the office
  • Pretend to know something you don’t
  • Be disappointed with a little “grunt work.”  Everybody has to do it.

Meeting new people

Here is some advice from the interns to help you get off on the right foot with the people you meet at the Authority.

Be genuine

  • The most important thing you can do is be genuine.  Professionals can tell when you are putting on a show, and they do not appreciate it.
  • Remember to be yourself.  You have your own unique talents, strengths, opinions, and background to bring to the table.  Just remember to be your best self.

Be outgoing

  • Don’t fall into the trap of sticking only with the people you know.  Make the effort to introduce yourself to people that you haven’t met yet.
  • Be sure not to assume that people know who you are, and don’t be afraid initiate an introduction.
  • Ask your colleagues good questions about their experiences at the Authority.

Be professional

  • Speak using dignified, respectful language.
  • Remember at social gatherings that you are socializing with your colleagues, not your friends.
  • Try to remember that when you are outside of the office with your coworkers, you are still at work.

 Be involved

  • Make time to attend Authority sponsored social events and ask colleagues to introduce you to others that are also in attendance.
  • Be ready to talk with others about your internship experience and what you’ve learned so far.

Advice from Authority Leaders

Most Important Lesson Learned From Career

"You must always remember the social element – understand how other people think, and don’t underestimate them."
  ~ Paul Manasjan, Director of Environmental Affairs

"It’s important that, wherever you are in your career, you understand your own strengths and weaknesses and look for opportunities in your career to capitalize on that."
  ~ Angela Shafer-Payne, Vice President, Operations

"Don’t be afraid to fail."
  ~ Jeffrey Woodson, Vice President, Development

"So much of what we can accomplish and achieve is dependent on relationships with others and how we can develop those."
  ~ Troy Ann Leech, Sr. Manager, Aviation & Commercial Business

Advice for Interns

"Be open to learning, no matter how you might feel, no matter what’s offered. Always look at the good, and participate – your opinion is valuable, and you must be your own person."
  ~ Tony Russell, Director of Corporate & Information Governance

"Do a job the best that you can, recognize opportunities and keep it simple."
  ~ Jeffrey Woodson, Vice President, Development

"Develop your listening skills and focus on a continuous learning process."
  ~ George Condon, Director of Airside Operations/Public Safety and Security

Most Important Quality for Interns

"Someone who is self-motivated, with a natural desire to want to achieve. They must enjoy a sense of accomplishment."
  ~ Michael Kulis, Director of Intergovernmental Relations

"Some level of technical ability that is required for the job, but personality and a good fit in the organization are critical."
  ~ Angela Shafer-Payne, Vice President, Operations

How can an intern differentiate themselves from their peers?

"Be confident and show a drive to do something more than expected – managers always take note of that."
  ~ Diana Lucero, Director of Vision, Voice & Engagement



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