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Frequently Asked Questions

When can I apply?
Applications can be submitted in mid-March and will be accepted until positions are filled.

How do I know if you received my online job application?
When you submit an online job application successfully, a notice will appear on your computer screen indicating your application was submitted successfully. You will also receive an email from the system that your online job application was submitted successfully.

When do the internships begin and end?
Interns may start in either May or June, and must finish by the end of August.

Are the internships paid?
Yes, all interns are paid $12 per hour and work an average of 40 hours per week.

Can I receive benefits?
No - this is a temporary position, and benefits are for full-time employees. This also applies to paid-leave or paid-holidays.

Can I be a graduating senior in high school or a student in graduate school when I apply for this internship?
You must be a full-time undergraduate student or finishing up your final semester/quarter in order to apply.

Can I receive class credit for this internship?
Yes – if you are hired, your supervisor will work with you so that you can gain class credit for this internship.

Can I still apply if I live out of state?
Yes – the internships require that you reside in San Diego during the summer, but your interview can be conducted over the phone or in person.

If I live out of state and I am selected to be an intern, how can I pass the required screenings?
The Human Resources Department will work with you to select an airport close to your residence, where you can take the drug test, fingerprinting and submit your background check.

Can I be an international student?
You can be an international student to apply but you must provide a social security number as well as a J1 Visa.

Do I have to have aviation or airport experience?
No – interns are encouraged to have knowledge or experience of their chosen internship field. However, prior aviation knowledge is not required.

Can this internship turn into a full-time job?
The internships at the Airport are primarily designed to give interns real-world experience, practical knowledge and connections with people that can possibly help you secure your first job. However, in its current format the internship program is not designed to lead to a full-time position at the Authority.

What is the company culture like at the Authority?
For information on the Authority's culture, click here.

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