Sarah is currently a Senior at San Diego State University and is majoring in Psychology with minors in Interdisciplinary Studies and Business Administration. Some of her favorite classes to date include Abnormal Psychology and Industrial/Organizational Psychology. Being from a military family, she was born in North Carolina, but has since lived in Japan, Virginia, and California, before attending college here in San Diego. This year, Sarah been fortunate to spent more than four months studying abroad in London for the Spring 2013 semester. During this life changing and eye opening experience, Sarah traveled to seven countries throughout Europe! Though she loved every place she traveled, she particularly enjoyed the exploring her heritage in Ireland and Scotland. During this time abroad, she was fortunate to get to go to a lot of musical theatre, and see the actual set of The Sound of Music in Salzburg, Austria, one of her all-time favorite film musicals.

One of Sarah’s lifelong loves has been for animals, particularly dogs, as she has had two yellow Labrador Retrievers over the course of her life. Another love of hers is Mexican food, which may be attributable to living in San Diego. San Diego has given Sarah a stronger appreciation for the great outdoors, with so many opportunities to hike, camp, and enjoy the beach in America’s finest city. Some of her favorite spots include Mount Soledad, Cowles Mountain, and Sunset Cliffs. Sarah is looking forward to interning at SDCRAA in order to develop the skills and connections that will prepare her for entering into a job in Human Resources after her graduation in 2014. Her ideal job in the future would be one that would allow her to travel, work in different types of environments, meet many different people, and make meaningful differences in the lives of a few. To Sarah, “mastering the art of airports” means making sure that everyone feels that their job is efficient and holds an integral part of the overall system in order to achieve optimum performance.