Philip was born in Stockholm, Sweden and made his first trip to America when he was ten-years old. It was a two week long family trip and included a visit to both Disney World Orlando and the Big Apple. Philip fell in love with this vast country, and was determined to go back in the future. It wasn’t until six years that he finally returned to attend high school in Oklahoma for a year. He then moved back home to Sweden for a year before heading out to California for college. He graduated from San Diego State University in May, 2012, with a degree in Finance and wishes to work with finance in the aviation field. Growing up, he dreamed about one day becoming a pilot, but as he got older began to realize he’d rather stay on the ground and work at an airport.

Philip was informed about San Diego International Airport’s ACE Internship Program on SDSU’s career services website and after reading the internship advertisement he was determined to go get it! He firmly believes this invaluable opportunity will provide him with enough experience and knowledge that will be of great value in any aviation related job.

Philip loves traveling and has been to roughly 40 different airports. He has a few favorites but during a layover in Madrid, Spain a few years ago, he fell in love with the gigantic terminals featuring glass panes from floor to ceiling at Madrid Barajas International Airport (MAD). His favorite travel destination is Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, and he really wants to go back in 2016 for the summer Olympics!

Philip loves sports and in particular ice hockey. The two major sports in Sweden are soccer and hockey so he wasn’t introduced to American sports including baseball, football, and basketball until he moved here. Philip however has been rooting for an American team all his life. He’s a huge Detroit Red Wings fan, and even though he’s never been to Detroit, he watched them play a game in Anaheim last season. To Philip, “Mastering the Art of Airports” means to effectively communicate and develop strategies amongst all airport stakeholders to move forward and strive for a perfect airport environment that exceeds all expectations.