Natalie is a 22 year-old, who graduated from San Diego State University in May 2009 with her B.A. in Psychology. She was born in Michigan and lived in Indiana, Minnesota and New York before finally settling in San Diego at the age of 10. All through grade school she was very active in water sports including swim team, dive team and water polo.

After graduating high school, Natalie moved up to Los Angeles to attend a two-year private school called Marymount College in Rancho Palos Verdes. After completing one year, she became home sick and moved back to San Diego to attend City College before enrolling full-time into SDSU. During this time she worked for McMillin Realty in their relocation department as well as a weekend receptionist for their downtown branch. After deciding on Psychology as her major, Natalie enrolled as a research assistant for a Peer Abuse Prevention Program (PAPP), in which she did research towards “anti-bullying in South Bay middle schools”. In five to ten years, Natalie sees herself enrolling into graduate school and getting married. She hopes to gain a new perspective on the Airport itself and hopes to better understand what goes on “behind the scenes” of different companies, especially by being an intern in Human Resources.