Once upon a time, a young teenager from Campbell, California, decided to go on an adventure. While Morgan loved where she was from, she always had a desire to see and experience more of the world than the town she was from. In fact, she didn’t just want to see more, she wanted to see EVERYTHING! How does she do this you might ask? Well she needed to leave Campbell, but where does she go? Can’t go to San Francisco (too close), can’t leave the state (too expensive), and can’t go to LA (too crowded), so she goes to San Diego! San Diego has everything an adventure requires; beach & sun, educational opportunities, employment opportunities, and some of the most laid back friendly people around.

San Diego State University, what a perfect place! It was a challenge at first. Morgan often felt overwhelmed by the work load at school, and started missing her friends and old past times like soccer. However she had fun more often than not, and knew that living independently was really helping her discover who she was. She discovered her love of the outdoors while in San Diego, and takes every opportunity she can to go hiking and be in the ocean. While she always loved skiing, she found that it really is one of her biggest passions in life, and drives to Mammoth Mountain many times a year to feel the thrill of flying down the mountain! Even with all this though, Morgan wanted to see more. So she signed up for a study abroad program in New Zealand! The beauty of NZ, and the excitement of traveling will stay with her forever, and she is now even more inspired to see and experience the rest of the world.