Marlyn was born and raised in San Diego. She is the second youngest of seven children. When she graduated high school, she knew she wanted to live and study somewhere drastically different from home. Marlyn chose to attend California State University, Chico, located in Northern California. During her sophomore year she studied abroad in Bamberg, Germany where her experience there was her inspiration to pursuing a degree in Environmental Planning. Marlyn’s interests are hiking, reading, observing, spending time with her family and friends. In high school, she took part in a marine science academy that required her to take four years of a variety of sciences. This academy brought her knowledge, love, respect and awareness for the environment.

Going into college, Marlyn knew that she wanted a degree relating to the environment but was unsure until she studied in Germany. Her study abroad trip was life-changing because it opened her eyes to an entirely different culture and lifestyle. Always being observant, she noticed that public transportation was the primary mode of transportation for most of the population. She also noticed the difference in housing, street designs, open space, and social classes. What ultimately astounded her was that the cities in Germany were designed with accessibility and feasibility in mind. She concluded that because of this mentality, the country faces little environmental problems.

Marlyn aspires to change her community to incorporate the needs of the natural environment and all levels of social classes, to its future plans. Lastly, she wants to leave this world having made a positive difference and a healthy environment to live in for her future children. Through this internship for the Department Environmental Affairs at the San Diego International Airport, Marlyn hopes to learn more about the airport’s endeavors to help maintain San Diego’s environment healthy and ongoing.