Mark , a twenty one year-old Southern California native from Ventura, CA is studying Political Science with a specialization in Public Policy and California Government at the University of California San Diego. Mark is a member of Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity, where he is the coordinator for the fraternity’s annual philanthropy. After recently moving to San Diego in the summer of 2008, Mark took the “Terminals to Tarmac Tour.” This is where he first heard about the internship program at SDCRAA. This internship has shown how complex airport operations are and have exposed him to multiple facets it entails.

His love for aviation began when his uncle took him up in a Chinook helicopter when he was 3. Since then Mark has developed a large interest in air traffic control and has been fortunate enough to have toured the LAX tower and Los Angeles Center in Palmdale. Upon his graduation next spring, Mark hopes to attend a Top 25 Graduate school for Public Policy. His ideal job would be to be involved in airport operations, possibly as a liaison between an airport and local government agencies.