Lois is an incoming senior at San Diego State University, aspiring to graduate this May in the field of Communications with an emphasis in Public Relations and a minor in Business Administration. A great majority of her experience in strategic planning with the management of business and communications comes from the offices she holds at church, within her religious organization. Working for young and old alike, locally and internationally, she is devoted to using various media channels of today’s society to deliver messages that encourage positive lifestyles. This foundation is what has molded her into the person she is today, both socially and professionally.

Although her time with the Authority is short-lived, Lois maintains faith that her passion to incorporate every opportunity into even greater learning experiences will drive her straight toward her aspirations. Every moment here has more than exceeded her expectations, and she is overwhelmed with gratitude for the Authority’s ability to provide such exposure that every young professional deeply desires. This summer at SDCRAA is only the beginning of a journey; that every step will hold value to teach and inspire not only her, but also be a lasting impression in the hearts and minds of every aspiring student.