Leigh is originally from the South suburbs of Denver, Colorado. She grew up swimming for summer leagues, club teams and finally for Littleton High School. During the winters she was taught to ski by her father and continues to ski in both Colorado and Montana. Leigh currently attends school at Montana State University in Bozeman, Montana and is studying Civil Engineering. She was followed to Bozeman by her younger brother, James, who is one of the smartest and funniest people she knows. When she isn’t studying or skiing, Leigh volunteers at the local animal shelter, Heart of the Valley, working primarily with dogs and dog enrichment. Though she does not currently own a dog of her own, she grew up with a Border Collie mix and her family now has both black and chocolate Labradors. When she graduates, she plans on adopting a rescue dog of her own to care for. She has also been a Resident Advisor for freshmen level art and architecture students and worked at a couple of coffee shops. Through these jobs she has developed a love and a need for coffee, an enjoyable morning tradition Her favorite methods of coffee brewing are Melita pour over and cold brew Toddy. Her taste buds believe that the best beans come from the South and Central Americas, rich with chocolate and nutty undertones.

Throughout her life Leigh has travelled to Mexico, Hawaii, and throughout the United States with her family. She also participated in a mission trip that led her Belize, helping to renovate and expand a school. She was brought to San Diego by the opportunity to intern with the Airport Authority and is lucky to be learning in such a beautiful place. As far as the future is concerned, Leigh is open to every opportunity that she may come across. She has goals within engineering and obtaining her Professional Engineering License, but for now just wants to learn everything she can about the industry. All she knows is that after spending five years in Montana winters, she has to find somewhere warm for a little while.