Kyle , a native of Denver, Colorado, attends Metropolitan State University of Denver, double-majoring in French and Aviation Management with a minor in Human Resources Management. So far, his favorite classes include French Phonetics and Aviation Job Targeting. He hopes to also pursue an MBA immediately after graduating to acquire a more business-related education.

Despite the various fields of study, Kyle intends to pursue a career in airline human resources; though, specifically, his targeted position is senior vice president of human resources or a chief human resources officer of a major air carrier. In the end, it’s the journey of his career that he looks forward to the most. Since his early childhood, Kyle has always dreamed about working for an airline, as many of his most memorable moments have taken place on an airplane. Airlines and aviation have become a sixth sense to Kyle throughout the years, so planes have nearly become an obsession. It is no wonder why Kyle is excited to be this summer’s human resources intern at San Diego airport, as he hopes to use this experience as a foundation for his career.