Jeff is the Small Business Development intern. He was born and raised in the Long Beach, CA area. After high school he attended Golden West College in Huntington Beach. While studying at GWC and developing the foundations of his education, he also worked full time for Contiki Holidays, the world’s leader in vacations for 18-35 year-olds. At Contiki he coordinated tours, meaning he was in charge of creating itineraries, contracting and negotiating net rates with vendors, and served as the primary contact for tour managers and over 100 different vendors. For three years Jeff achieved stellar grades in school and made a great impression with his colleagues at Contiki. Then Jeff decided it was time for him to finally grow up and move out, so he headed down south to the most glorious university ever built, San Diego State University.

Once Jeff got past the initial shock of not having his laundry done for him, having to cook his own meals, and learning what dishes are, he finally got settled in and fell in love with San Diego. After only two years at San Diego State and upon completion of his internship, Jeff will receive his Bachelors of Science in Business Management. He feels that San Diego was kind enough to take him in and help him grow and develop in to a stronger person, so he absolutely loves the fact that by working with the Airport Authority and Small Business Development, he is able to lend a helping hand and repay the generous favor and support this wonderful community has given him.