Jaren was born and raised in northern New Jersey, just outside of New York City. He is a recent graduate of Hampton University in Hampton, Virginia where he obtained his Bachelors of Science in Aviation Management. As far back as he can remember Jaren has been interested in the field of aviation, particularly the airline industry. When he received the Air Service Development internship he was excited for the opportunity to work within the field and have the chance to work with both the airport and airlines. Originally, Jaren was a flight education major pursuing his pilot license with the goal of becoming a commercial airline pilot. Though he did receive his Private Pilots License and Instrument Rating, when the economy fell into a recession, he made the decision to change his major to aviation management. From that day forward, he never regretted the vital career changing decision.

Jaren was recently accepted into graduate school, and plans to pursue a Masters in Business Administration to broaden his knowledge of management and business in general. This will also enable him to further his aviation career and success due to his aviation background. Jaren’s career plans include taking an entry level position with an airline going into revenue management or networking and planning. After this, he plans to pursue supervisor and management positions in the same department. He would then like to take over planning operations in certain regions to ultimately become the Senior Vice President of Sales and Planning. If he was to work at the airport, he would like to become an Air Service analyst, and work his way to Director of Air Service. Thus far, he feels as though he has learned a wealth of knowledge and plans to continue to learn as much as he can for the duration of the internship.