Dan was born in Santa Cruz, moved to Charlotte, North Carolina, moved to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, and then finally returned to live in San Diego in his home state of California. He is entering his third year at UC Davis as a Managerial Economics major. Dan chose “man-econ” because he is intrigued by all aspects of the business world including: accounting, management, and resource economics. During his freshman and sophomore year of college, he held a student-government job as Chair of a permanent committee within the Executive branch of the UC Davis student government. He was involved in numerous police department hiring processes as a panel member because of his community involvement and respected opinion. While holding this job, Dan advocated for student’s rights following the infamous November 18 pepper spray incident, participated in a police department policy overhaul by the ACLU, and was an honored guest at the UCDPD citizen’s appreciation luncheon and received an award from the chief of police and the Chancellor of UC Davis. During the upcoming academic year, he will be working for the Student Health and Wellness Center on campus as an Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs risk minimization student assistant and will help usher in the UC-wide smoke free campus initiative.

When Dan needs a break from his hard work, he spends his down-time with his fraternity brothers when he is not maintaining the twenty-one bedroom, on-campus Sigma Phi Epsilon house as House Manager, and he enjoys being outdoors. He loves to go camping, hiking, scuba diving, and boating. Dan is the goalie for the UC Davis Roller Hockey team and has led them to many victories playing state-wide within the NCRHL. He returned home to San Diego for the summer to intern for the Authority because in his future years he wishes to find employment within a corporation, or he may work as a consultant after earning his CPA. The Concessions Development Department is in the process of installing over 85 concession locations focusing on Retail and Food and Beverage concepts. He is gaining relevant, applicable experience in dealing with financial, administrative, and real estate aspects related to commercial business and will have a wonderful opportunity to apply them in his future endeavors.