Chris is currently attending the University of San Diego where he is majoring in Business Administration with a focus on Supply Chain Management. He is currently holds the procurement internship where he hopes to learn more about contract administration. He is from San Diego, specifically, Chula Vista. After growing up in Chula Vista, he decided to attend the University of San Diego because of its great location and smaller class sizes. He enjoys business classes that are able to make real-world connections and lead to bigger-picture conclusions.

One of his favorite hobbies is traveling. He thoroughly enjoys traveling to Europe, specifically Holland as it is his favorite country. He enjoys the Dutch cheese, friendly people, and beautiful canals that line the streets. Schiphol, the airport in the Dutch capital city of Amsterdam, is one of his favorite airports due to its enormous size and open-air feeling.

When Chris is not working or traveling, he enjoys spending time with his friends and trying new things. He is a huge fan of Madonna, and will readily tell you how great her concert was. He will take any chance he can get to see the concerts of any of the many musical performers that he enjoys listening to.

Chris’ ideal job would be one of a challenging nature. He likes to be in an environment that promotes learning. He wants a job that has stability, yet leaves room for improvement, opinion, and personal contribution. Once he graduates college in December of 2014, he hopes to settle down in his family’s manufacturing business. Chris’ family business manufactures artificial Christmas decorations for major department stores. His ultimate goal is to continue on the legacy his grandpa started over forty years ago.