Born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Brett is a rising junior at Morehouse College, the number one ranked Liberal Arts College for African Americans in the United States. Since his entry into Morehouse, Brett has focused his studies towards a Bachelor of Science in Economics, with a concentration in Management Consulting. Determined to make a difference in both his life and the lives of his family and friends, Brett has dedicated much of his collegiate career into to mastering his strengths and understanding his weaknesses, both of which he believes are equally important in propelling a person to maximum potential. Since his freshman year at Morehouse College, Brett has been heavily involved with his college experience and an active leader among his peers. While at Morehouse, Brett has held influential positions such as Freshman Class President for the Class of 2013, and was a Senator during his sophomore year within the Morehouse Student Government Association (SGA). Brett has capitalized on being a strategic activator and future-focused individual, taking the knowledge learned in and outside of the classroom and making it practical for use in both his professional and personal life.

Additionally, Brett’s goal of starting his own Management Consulting Firm for college students begins with his Protégé Program for incoming freshman that he co-founded and serves as the current Co-Chair and President. Brett is extremely pleased with the course his life has begun to take, equating his current success to promising internships like his summer 2010 internship in Tokyo, Japan, and his Summer 2011 internship here at the San Diego County Regional Airport Authority as the Human Resources Intern. Though the future is unclear and the promise of tomorrow remains uncertain, Brett is confident that the skills he has gained from this internship and other corporate experiences will elevate him to his highest stature.