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Class Module 1: Registration and General Information
1 Program Overview: Modules and Classes
2 New Vendor Registration in the Airport Authority & Green Build Database
3 Selecting NAICS Business Categories for The Green Build Project
4 Working for the Airport
5 Security Badges, Working at Night
6 The Green Build Safety Requirements
7 Intro to O.C.I.P.
8 Certified Payroll Requirements
9 The Payment Process
Class Module 2: Registration and General Information
10 Prequalification Process & Forms
11 EMR Requirements
12 Understanding the Balance Sheet
Class Module 3: Bidding
13 Subcontracting Opportunities
14 Bid Documents
15 OCIP: Owner Controlled Insurance Program
16 The Public Works Process
Class Module 4: Award & Performance
17 Performance Following the Award
18 Certified Payroll Requirements
19 LEED & The Green Build Project
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